The Hazel Wood Review

This book does something we do as we read all on our own. It's grants a wish of sorts, a wish anyone in love with their favorite book has surely made. I would like to believe that everyone understands that feeling of building a relationship with the characters in the book you are reading. This … Continue reading The Hazel Wood Review

Writers Block

You need to write. You want to write. You sit down to write, and nothing happens. You know its time, either because you have a deadline or a muse whispering in your ear, telling you that there is an urge to purge words, but nothing comes out. So what do you do? What if you … Continue reading Writers Block

Tablets VS. Real Books

I had always been an advocate for real books, and as much as that sounds as though I no longer am, that's not entirely so. I love physically holding a book, seeing it exist, waiting to be read. Books are worth having if only as to keep all of those bookmarks warm and cuddly, but … Continue reading Tablets VS. Real Books

Shakespeare Discussion

This last week, we covered Poetry in my English 102 course. I think that my favorite aspect of our reading was being able to compare William Shakespeare's Sonnet 18, to the Modified Sonnet by Howard Moss, Shall I compare Thee to a Summer's Day? I didn't think comparing these two poems, and their opposition would … Continue reading Shakespeare Discussion

Prose about Poetry

I sat down, early enough in the night, after my two small boys had been put to sleep for the evening, and set out in search of words. I was in search of any words that might grip me for use in a poem at a later date. Initially intending to account for the ones … Continue reading Prose about Poetry