Summer Reading Photo Prompt

I like the idea of reading prompts. I like the idea of writing prompts as well. Sometimes creativity or inspiration is hard to get a firm grasp on, so knowing that there are prompts, challenges, and other interesting inspirations of the like can be really relieving. So here is a summer reading photo prompt, Page … Continue reading Summer Reading Photo Prompt

My Best Friends Exorcism Review

I finished reading My Best Friends Exorcism last week, and honestly, I was a little let down... Spoiler free review: This book is full of amazing descriptive accounts of 80's referenced gore, but there were bits of abandoned plot that I was genuinely interested in following up with, and the end... well... it ended, but … Continue reading My Best Friends Exorcism Review

Wink Poppy Midnight Review

Wink Poppy Midnight by April Genevieve Tucholke - I couldn't begin to describe what an aesthetically pleasing, literature name dropping, magical fairy tale this book is... Or perhaps that's all that needs saying... Three extraordinary kids will send your mind spinning and head turning as you continue to look over your shoulder to discover who … Continue reading Wink Poppy Midnight Review