Why I Started Blogging

I started writing when I was twelve. I started blogging when I was sixteen. After I got my hands on my mothers old desktop computer, this really slow, really loud beast of a machine with a keyboard, I fell in love. My mothers new computer was a dream, but having my own, in my own … Continue reading Why I Started Blogging

Book banning and shadow banning.

Instagrams banned hashtags and their unfortunate banning of books Written and Edited by: thepagegypsy and wizardylibrary Censorship and books are, unfortunately, a very common duo. For years, the ALA has been working toward raising awareness on and fighting against the ever growing plea from individuals to have books removed from schools, libraries, and even edited … Continue reading Book banning and shadow banning.

Coffee or tea?

  This post may serve to find itself the hottest debated topic I will post (not to diminish serious topics, like cats, or tablets vs. real books) but lets be real, coffee and tea, pitted against each other, has been a debate that began quite a long time ago. The best, and most imagined moment … Continue reading Coffee or tea?

Captain Underpants and Criticisms Capricious Censorship Essay

Captain Underpants and Criticisms Capricious Censorship Banning books has been a hot topic of debate better known since the iconic and ironic banning of Ray Bradbury's, Fahrenheit 451. The American Library Association holds record of the Office for Intellectual Freedoms lists of banned books or books in question to be banned since they began advocating … Continue reading Captain Underpants and Criticisms Capricious Censorship Essay

Into the Water Review

Into the Water by Paula Hawkins Wow! I have never felt the urge to write a review before. However, I feel that this needs to be said... those negative reviews, "too many characters" or "all over the place" are just the silliest! Yes, there are a lot of points of view going on in this … Continue reading Into the Water Review