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Why I Started Blogging

I started writing when I was twelve. I started blogging when I was sixteen. After I got my hands on my mothers old desktop computer, this really slow, really loud beast of a machine with a keyboard, I fell in love. My mothers new computer was a dream, but having my own, in my own room, was its own dream.

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My Best Friends Exorcism Review

I finished reading My Best Friends Exorcism last week, and honestly, I was a little let down…

Spoiler free review:

This book is full of amazing descriptive accounts of 80’s referenced gore, but there were bits of abandoned plot that I was genuinely interested in following up with, and the end… well… it ended, but I was left so unsatisfied that I’m not sure this did anything good for my reading rut!

All of that being said, I’m glad I read this book, because I certainly needed an 80’s exorcism in my life cram packed with oozing detail, aesthetically pleasing all around, but if plot is a big deal for you, then don’t read this book with high hopes of a decent story line. STILL WORTH THE READ!!

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