Welcome and thanks for stopping in!

My name is Alyssa Abbott, and I would like to start by explaining what I am all about, that way, you get a sense of where this blog is going to take you.


Essentially, this blog is an extension of myself. In the most organized manner available, you will find here my hobbies, interests, educational goals, career path, life plans, etc.

These aspects of myself aren’t only here for me to sort and shelf, they’re here for you to check out as well!

Reading slump? Book reviews? Organizational needs? Photography intrigue? A place to chat about coffee and a good book?

Why not take a look around, because here is where you can discover all of that and more!


Have no fear, you will find your way.

It’s in your bones. It’s in your soul.

-Mark Z. Danielewski


If you are interested in any of the above, be it for reading or inquiring, please feel free to browse the blog section of thepagegypsy or hit the contact button above for further information, collaboration, or interests.

And as always, happy reading!