Let’s get personal

When I consider the amount of my personal life that I am willing to share in this public space, it’s honestly so very little, that in fact its nearly none at all. As far as I’ve disclosed, a few of you may have heard that I’m a mother and wife. What I’m certain you know is about my love for cats, coffee, books, and all things spooky. I’m certain that I’ve shared about my college journey here, to enough of an extent that my being a student comes as no surprise. I think it’s time that I opened up here just a little more, which will include a trickling down into or onto thepagewitch instagram. This blog has been very literary based, and my bookstagram, well that should speak for itself. While I don’t intend to stray away from those book obsessed themes we all relate to on these platforms, hopefully through opening up and sharing a bit more of my personal life with everyone, it will open up a door to the types of people who are here for a good read and what our lives may look like when we aren’t currently reading. 

Let’s start with my reason for existing and pushing myself in any way to succeed, my kids!

I have two boys who are six and three, and am expecting brother number three this spring! While my two oldest are going to school, I’m taking littlest brother to classes with me (in utero currently). This will be my last semester toward my AS and AA! We’re expecting little brother during finals week of my final semester, in which I will end up having three boys and two associate degrees in the same week!

I have currently finished my English Associates, and have one prerequisite class and two more child development classes left to finish before I have finished my Early Childhood Education Associates. Two kids, two degrees, third pregnancy, as much as I like to paint the picture of perfect, that this is all fine, its honestly exhausting! Thankfully I’m not doing this all on my own, my wonderful husband is an amazing part of my success.

On top of those daily living tasks, such as children, school, college, and pregnancy, I’m trying to keep up with my own personal hobbies. Reading is very high on that list, and last year I was able to read exactly one book! I also enjoy writing and have found my muse missing during this pregnancy. No writing prompt may spare me, which means my blog is suffering heavily. I also enjoy making and selling bookmarks, yet my inspiration and motivation to create and promote has been seriously lacking. I have even been neglecting my bookstagram as well, as it turns out, the photography squat is quite difficult when you have a tiny human displacing your guts and stealing your breath. Never mind the lack of inspiration, moving is becoming increasingly taxing so photography (and bookstagram) have fallen fairly low on my list of priorities.

I must have forgotten how difficult pregnancy was when we decided to try for number three. This last fall, I was a full time student, working a temp position in my university’s bookstore as an overnight stock and puller (restocking the textbooks for the daytime shift to sell, and pulling/packing online orders to prepare for shipping) I loved it, but all of this was occurring while cells were dividing as our trying became a success when the night before my second day of work, I found out I was pregnant with our third child. I finished out the temporary allotted time frame at my job until we had fulfilled every online order for the beginning of the semester, while trying to keep up with my own full time course load, when the morning sickness finally hit. I was spared the nausea and vomiting while working, but my classes weren’t so lucky. I have never missed so much class, and have also never thrown up so much during either of my other pregnancies. Needless to say, I ended up completing all of my classes with a B average for the semester and have been spending my winter break miserably waiting for Spring semester to start. 

Miserably, as I love school/working, and even though I am so very uncomfortable during this fifth month of pregnancy during the winter, I am bored out of my mind! I still do not have any inspiration or energy for photography or writing, yet the promise of school seems a salvation of structure that I can’t wait for. All of this considered, I’ve decided that real life is the best material for getting back into writing and photography at this time. So expect some personal check ins of random events and occasions as I attempt to get myself back into my original state of existence. 

Time management skills brought to you today by: finishing this blog post while waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store. Featuring, breakfast and lunch snacks for school lunches plus a big bump hello from brother number three!


See you again next Sunday!

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