Coffee VS Tea: Reviews

Welcome to part two of coffee or tea? in which I have tried your five favorite tea, and five favorite coffee suggestions and aim to review them with nothing but positive feed back. It is my goal, to honestly find something in these new methods of making coffee/tea, that perhaps I would not have tried on my own, and to highlight my favorite aspects of each beverage. If I’m lucky, I’ll find a new favorite along the way! Cheers guys, and enjoy the following tea and coffee reviews!


#1 – Starbucks, Soy Chai Latte w/ three pumps vanilla

Suggested by: Tom Erceg


I am no stranger to this hot cup of tea! Something I didn’t know about it however and found interesting, is that Chai tea, contains cinnamon! I never could quite nail that taste, even outside of Starbucks, Chai tea evaded me. But no longer. Here is an excerpt from Starbucks website that explains exactly how this drink hits me.

“Black tea infused with cinnamon, clove, and other warming spices is combined with steamed milk and topped with foam for the perfect balance of sweet and spicy.” -Starbucks

If you would like more details on Starbucks Chai Latte, you can follow the link here.

And for my final rating on this tea, its an easy 5/5!

#2Black tea and cinnamon w/ Stroopwafels

Suggested by: Kato of stolenbybooks on instagram

Fotor_153125075464224[1]I knew when I started this journey of discovering new ways to try tea and coffee, that it would mean trying things that I wouldn’t normally consider. I know what I like, and I never leave that comfortable bubble of being set in my ways. Once I figured out how I liked my tea or coffee, that was the only way I would have it. Tea, my entire life, has always been one of two ways; tea of choice with only a little sugar, hot or iced. No need to stray from what I know I love right? Wrong!

“Place a stroopwafel over the top of a hot cup of coffee or tea for about a minute and enjoy the sweet aromas as your stroopwafel transforms into a delicious warm treat. This is the traditional Dutch way of enjoying a stroopwafel.”

Kato (stolenbybooks) of the bookstagram community, suggested her favorite way to have tea, and it included a treat that would have otherwise continued to go unnoticed had she not sent me searching for them. Stroopwafels, are a caramel filled toasted waffle that you place on the top of your hot cup of tea to warm. I expected something drippy based on the picture on the package, but it was more like a warmed up caramel candy, soft, chewy and amazing! As for the tea, I don’t normally have mine unsweetened, but adding the cinnamon and pairing it with the Stroopwafel, was surprisingly delightful!

For my final rating on this tea, I say 5/5 because treats with tea can never go wrong!

#3 – Green tea and Honey

Suggested by: Megan of superstitiousbibliophile on instagram

1532051870111[1]I love my tea sweet, and I usually accomplish that with just a bit of sugar, but in the case of this tea suggestion, honey was the go to for that sweet fix. I put about a teaspoon of honey in this cup of hot green tea, and while I think I could have stood a bit more honey, I love the difference between they type of sweet that sugar brings tot he tea, as opposed to the honey. It really does make a different cup of tea when you choose another sweetener. I think I may prefer my hot tea with honey from now on, especially green tea!

“THE ONE THING THAT CAN DO ANYTHING. Honey is a one-ingredient recipe made by bees, flowers and mother nature herself.” – The National Honey Board

I’m really glad that I tried honey as opposed to sugar, something about it just feels better, and tastes better as well! This sweet alternative is worth all the buzz!

Rating this cup of tea a 5/5!

#4 Iced, looseleaf chai tea, with milk and sugar

Suggested by: Destiny of howlinglibraries on instagram

1537937619707839458365.jpgI have never before had my chai tea iced, or with dairy in it, as my only expierance with it has been with sugar only, or the aforementioned suggestion from starbucks. Ive got to say, this was one of the suggestions that I will be coming back to by choice. I really enjoyed it! Chai tea does that cinnamon thing, but when its poured over ice its such a different tea! It was a different type of cold sweet tea than usual and I’m totally all about it!

Simple, and sweet, just like this review with a final rating of 5/5.

#5 – loose leaf tea steeped openly in a tea pot, add milk and sweetener 

Suggested by: Chelsea of chelsea.wilde on instagram

1537827724247745486672.jpgI didn’t know tea could taste, lighter? I’ve never had my tea with milk prior to this prompt, but here I am, actually enjoying it! There is no way to explain the subtle difference that adding a splash of milk to your tea makes, except to say that subtly is it’s descriptor. It wasn’t a creamy taste, not the way I expected. I can see myself getting into the habit of adding a bit of milk now and then while having a cup of tea.

Rating this cup of tea a 4/5!


#1 – Cafe Bustelo, sugar, and cream

Suggested by: Julissa of wizardrylibrary on instagram

Fotor_151916472365781[1]There is something to be said about a strong coffee, an espresso, that is not strong in taste. I was expecting, from what I had heard of Cafe Bustelo, to experience a bitter, strong taste. To the contrary, this coffee provided the caffeine boost I didn’t know I was missing, without the overpowering bitterness of most dark roasts. New favorite? It’s certainly at the top of that list!

“Dark, pure, and flavorful, our bold blend is roasted and ground from the finest coffees in the world. No fancy equipment needed — just brew it and enjoy it your way.”

If you would like to learn more about Cafe Bustelo, and their amazing scholarship opportunity open to “full-time undergraduate or graduate students of Latino descent.” (a few more requirements apply) click here! I know how tough affording school can be, so as a full time student myself, this scholarship deserves to be shared!
And for my final rating on this coffee, a super student bias 6/5 because when your coffee can support your education in more ways than one, that is something I can get behind!

#2 – Starbucks, Espresso Dark Roast w/ Hazelnut Cream

Suggested by: Skye Littmann


If ever I was looking for a strong cup of coffee, like never sleep again, while being productive in a manic way, this is absolutely the coffee I’ll be turning to! Let me just say that there are plenty of moments when I absolutely need a boost, a swift kick in the STAY AWAKE! This roast, if you should find yourself so tired, is perfection. I’m not one for such a  bold or strong cup of coffee, but this certainly has its benefits.

I give this coffee a rating of 4/5!

#3 – Coffee with whole milk

Suggested by: Jaiden of on instagram

1537827639036628937556.jpgI have never really been a fan of unsweetened coffee, but this was surprisingly survivable. Coffee without any type of sweetener strikes me as being something that should be called strong, and it was! Usually even my creamer has a sweet flavor, but whole milk and nothing else really lets you experience the coffee you’re drinking. It’s actually a little like stopping to smell the roses, I doctor my coffee so heavily every morning, that stopping to actually taste the coffee in my cup was a refreshing change.

I’m going to give this coffee a rating of 4/5!

#4 – Coffee, Torani Vanilla Syrup, milk, and sugar

Suggested by: Destiny of howlinglibraries on instagram

15378275854861613102580.jpgThis was quite the sweet treat! Toriani Vanilla Syrup adds a very coffee shop sweetness to the coffee that I didn’t realize was specific to that experience. Its an interesting substitute to creamer, which I use in heavy amounts!

A plain vanilla world? Don’t think so. There’s nothing ho-hum about this original leading lady. And nothing beats the original. Inspired by premium vanilla flavor, it’s clean, pure and creamy. And that spells delicious every time you add it.” – Torani

I was hesitant about how this would change the flavor of the coffee, change is a scary thing! But, I liked it! I really enjoyed this change in my definition of sweet.

This coffee suggestion gets a 5/5!

#5 Starbucks, Caffè Vanilla Frappuccino®

Suggest by: Chelsea of chelsea.wilde on instagram

1535138559867[1] I like my coffee sweet, and this was perfection! Usually, my Starbucks frappuccino experience finds itself a little on the strong side, with added shots and choosing one of two options, traditional caramel or seasonally specific Caramel Brulée. The difference between vanilla and caramel isn’t something I had considered before now, and I like it. I like that its light, which is my best descriptor for something that is sweet and creamy as opposed to sweet and strong. Light, like whipped cream, or milk. Light, like fluffy, not thick. Vanilla is a beverage choice I may need to make a habit out of!

We take Frappuccino® roast coffee and vanilla bean powder, combine them with milk and ice, then top it with whipped cream. Tastes like happiness.” -Starbucks

If you would like more details on Starbucks Caffè Vanilla Frappuccino® Blended Coffee, you can follow the link here.

I’m giving this coffee a rating of 5/5!

Thank you so very much to all of those who participated in sharing their coffee and tea suggestions, this was quite the journey. It took a while to gather all of the different pieces, but longer still to find enough people willing to share. I am so very glad to have had the opportunity to try so many delicious different ways of drinking my two top favorite drinks.

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