The Merciless IV Review

The Merciless IV, by Danielle Vega, succeeds once again at drowning us in an unholy amount of exorcism style torture and gore.

If that isn’t what you’re looking for, then there is no need for negative words, as there is hardly a positive aspect to be found in this book as it is. Awful to a fascinating point, horror fans, fans of gallons of blood, and fans of the “how are you up and running with those wounds!?” trope will enjoy the slap of a twist that you probably saw coming, but didn’t care to stop reading for.

While this story isn’t painfully predictable, it is the fourth in a series of possession tales, so were are pretty much on board with the theme, especially if you have been reading since the first of the bunch. This book, in comparison to the scene and feel of the others, takes us to the very new, hot and sticky summer of Italy. Catacombs, Institutes, and the ever prevalent Catholic influence, lead to an epic tale of salvation through exorcism, by three local girls who aren’t quite fans of these, clearly evil, skirts too short, american students. While I hadn’t intended for this review to come of so much as a summary, its hard to find anything else in it. It is a cut and dry story of possession in Italy, that leaves you felling all of the pain of the main character as she is put through unspeakable physical injustices, leaving you wondering who you should trust when your are so far away from home, and safety. This book certainly left me on the edge of my seat and gets four out of five stars from me.

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