Beastkeeper Review

Beastkeeper, by Cat Hellisen, is a retelling of the classic and well known tale Beauty and the Beast. Spoilers can be found if you should choose to continue reading.

“We have not always been beasts”

At first I had mixed feelings about this book, I still do. But it grew on me in a strange way, not like most odd retellings. This one was very near the edge of dislike for me, and may be my first to not receive five stars, (I’m very easy to please as far as literature is concerned) in fact, I DNF a book I can’t vibe with, there’s just no going through with it for me. With Beast keeper, I was always tip-toeing on that edge, however. A little bit cringe worthy, as far as the plot speed and subject matter. A little forced in story line, much like the


person trying to swallow down such a crudely chopped tale, but here’s the strangest bit, I liked it? At least, I think I liked it. Or perhaps I liked what I wanted it to be, what potential it had, but didn’t fulfill.

I had to keep in mind that it’s a very short story, less that 210 pages, but so were some wonderfully told stories I’ve read in the past. So I don’t think lack of length can cover for the need to speed through what should feel more emotional than it did. There was zero to little time to get to know any of the characters, not the way my heart requires a story to do in order for me to have a hard time putting it down. This one, I could walk away from, unfinished, but it still had a charm to it that kept me reading. I didn’t hate it, but it could have stood a bit more substance here and there. It felt like its own summary, with so much more potential clearly possible, but no where to be found.

3/5 for Beastkeeper by Cat Hellisen

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