Summer Reading Photo Prompt

I like the idea of reading prompts. I like the idea of writing prompts as well. Sometimes creativity or inspiration is hard to get a firm grasp on, so knowing that there are prompts, challenges, and other interesting inspirations of the like can be really relieving.

So here is a summer reading photo prompt, Page Wizards Book Club, is reading Wink Poppy Midnight for August’s book of the month, and it builds such a vivid picture with its imagery. Three things that come to mind when I consider this story, is the forest, strawberries, and the cemetery. So find yourself some beautiful outdoor locations, some haunting graveyards, and some sweet summer strawberries for this trio of a photo prompt for Wink Poppy Midnight.


If you would like to participate in this photo prompt, feel free to join us on instagram our photo prompt will find itself posted within the next week, and the dates and details of the prompt will be available then. There will be a prize winner chosen, so be sure to check in for those details!



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