Treasure at the Thrift Store

There are multiple avenues by which to purchase books, come across them, or end up with them. What I would like to discuss, is which one you find most magical, most enthralling, or leaves you feeling like you’ve stolen a long forgotten treasure.

I have discussed types of books, and buying books online in two of my previous posts, but here, I want to talk about all of that and more. Libraries, bookstores, online books, e-books, thrift stores with book corners, thrift stores just for books!

I’m wondering, which places that you have procured your books feel the most magical to you? Once upon a time, years and years ago, I visited a neat little place in Oakland, CA, called The East Bay Deopt for Creative Reuse. Its not the type of place you would expect to enter if you were on the hunt for books, but inside among the various reusable craft items and upcycled bits, there are books!

Thrift stores, such as the Hope Chest, or other less well known thrift stores that are hiding in your area usually always have a special little corner or section for books of all types. I’ve found some amazing steals (because when you get five paper backs for a dollar it definitely feels like stealing!) at thrift stores, they are also great for scouting out different editions to a favorite book for collectors.

Aside from thrift stores, and the well named retailers like Barns and Noble, there are book stores just for books, used, new, donated from schools, you name it, and they are my favorite places! I’ve got a handful of decent bookstores in my area, but something I am interested in perusing is a bucket list of sorts. Stopping in at multiple bookstores in major cities, just to know that I have.

Could you imagine a road trip, with a chosen destination, and along the way there are predetermined stops that you have made for yourself, the best bookstores on your route, the most exciting, secret, magical, perfect, hidden away corners filled with books, all of them a part of your journey? I couldn’t imagine anything better, aside from taking a trip like that in the fall and adding pumpkin patches and haunted houses to your list of stops to make.

Books take you places while you stay seated, but they can take you on an adventure for the book itself if you write it out that way. Why not take a moment today, and choose a hobby, perhaps it isn’t books (and that’s okay) maybe it is tea, or antique collecting, take a moment to plan out this trip. You don’t have to go, and with that in mind your area of exploration is limitless! I think with or without the ability to currently fulfill this hair brained dream scheme, I will plan this journey, because at the very least, knowing what amazing things are out there is only the beginning to something more.

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