Summer Reading Photo Prompt

I like the idea of reading prompts. I like the idea of writing prompts as well. Sometimes creativity or inspiration is hard to get a firm grasp on, so knowing that there are prompts, challenges, and other interesting inspirations of the like can be really relieving. So here is a summer reading photo prompt, Page … Continue reading Summer Reading Photo Prompt

Treasure at the Thrift Store

There are multiple avenues by which to purchase books, come across them, or end up with them. What I would like to discuss, is which one you find most magical, most enthralling, or leaves you feeling like you've stolen a long forgotten treasure. I have discussed types of books, and buying books online in two … Continue reading Treasure at the Thrift Store

Online Bookclub

This July marks one year since Page Wizards Book Club went live on the Goodreads platform!  With a passion for reading and an interest in imagining impossible and magical scenarios, books are something that the Page Wizards can come together to discuss. Once a month our reading theme changes, our members vote on four books … Continue reading Online Bookclub

Cats of the Page!

I have sat on this post for so long! Literally, I filled this post with pictures of my cats with books and found that I had no real substance to base this post on. So now, now that I know what I must say, here it is. This is a books, props, and cats appreciation … Continue reading Cats of the Page!

Do it all on time (for students)

If there is one thing I wish I had more of, its time. See my previous post on this topic, Ticktock! for a decent example of just how easy it is to get pulled under by too much to do. For now however, take a seat, and take notes. I have a fairly decent time management method … Continue reading Do it all on time (for students)