Lets talk about time, and how there simply doesn’t seem to be enough of it!

When I began this blog, I was a full time English major in the middle of my fourth semester. Fully aware of the ins and outs of college, and ready to grab the job my duel major had already qualified me for.

Out for success, I pursued work and school, offering both aspects of my life my time, fully, four courses at school, eight hours at work.

Well, it turns out that when you have an entire week of open time to dedicate to the reading, researching, and studying for your papers, essays, and exams, you do a lot better. As opposed to getting up at 6 am, getting home around 6 pm and then after you’ve fed and bathed your two little monsters, you’re ready for bed yourself! How in the world, aside from cramming as much school work into my hour lunch as I can, am I supposed to adequately accomplish my assignments now that I’ve got a full time job on top of a full course load?

Saturdays and Sundays became the days I would sit in front of my computer and read/write through the tears. Answering exam questions and following writing prompts with only enough will power to at least turn in something, even if it wasn’t my best, because due dates wait for no one.

You know what does wait, though? My blog, my bookstagram, my online friends, reading for pleasure at all, cross stitch projects, creative writing, photography, even my children were becoming my second in a desperate attempt to stay successful in school and not show just how stressed I was at work when I said I could handle being a full time student and teach preschoolers!

I’ve got no way to make more time exist. Survival was simply pushing forward and biding time while trying not to fail which was the best effort I had available. Spring semester has now passed, I got my first C, and chose to voluntarily fail a class entirely due to the teachers inability to connect with me on an educational level. It was much like giving up, but I’m calling it acceptance in the face of knowing when enough is enough.

Although school is over, I still have my full time teaching job, and I’ve also started reading a new book (I tossed my currently reading to the wind during my frantic survival mode and picked up the first thing that spoke to me as opposed to catching up), but most importantly, I have the time to write and post this. If I were being true to my own intentions, I wouldn’t post this on a Tuesday, however I feel that this post is my reintroduction and an explanation for my extended absence.

Here is to more posts about English, books, coffee, writing, cats, and libraries!

I hope to have a legitimate post ready for you all by tonight that will be available to read as of tomorrow morning according to my regular posting schedule, happy reading and see you around!

P.S. I could use a few, or five, more coffee/tea suggestions for the beverage reviews I mentioned in my post Coffee or tea? Click the link for more details on that if your interested!


2 thoughts on “Ticktock!

  1. WOW! girl you’re a whirlwind taking on that full schedule like that.And you have kids! I’ve been thinking about going back to school but I don’t know if I have the energy. I really liked reading your perspective on accepting how much time you had, and knowing when to take a time out ❤

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    1. Swamped for time so seriously I didn’t even realize there was a comment to reply to! Back to books and blogging for me currently, time has a way of changing things, and this change was certainly needed. It turned out that trying to accomplish far too much at once forced me to decide what was most important. I ended up seeing only that it was important that I stay at that job, not that I am currently in the position to stay home with my children and finish my English Associates. My advice, if its at all possible for you, is to put school first. While its hard to not jump into your field of interest (or any field for that mater) for an income immediately, the end goal of that associates, bachelors, or masters degree will ensure you find your dream job and are able to keep it. After school you have the time and credentials. Having the energy to do either work or school, now that is another mater entirely! Lol. Best of luck to you on what ever it is you find yourself able to accomplish! -thepagegypsy

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