Coffee or tea?


This post may serve to find itself the hottest debated topic I will post (not to diminish serious topics, like cats, or tablets vs. real books) but lets be real, coffee and tea, pitted against each other, has been a debate that began quite a long time ago.

Fotor_150682794836795The best, and most imagined moment with a good book, I believe, comes included with a warm cup of something. Be it tea, or coffee, the choice is the readers.

Some despise coffee, and love tea.

Some despise tea, and love coffee.

Some dislike both.

Some like black coffee.

Some like tea with milk.

Some like and love all of the above.

Personally, I’ve got a caffeine fix that needs tending to every morning, and I go for the coffee to start. Occasionally, there will be a chilly evening when tea is the perfect option.

I want my tea with only sugar, too hot, and very strong.

I want my coffee with a little sugar, and too much cream.

What I want most out of this cozy imagining where a book is involved, is that comfy cozy feeling of that warm drink.

So what about the summer months? Hot drinks aren’t exactly a comfortable option then.

Ice. Of course. Iced tea, or iced coffee, I’m a fan of both.


I want to try something today, with this post, with this entire blog actually. I want to encourage everyone who feels as though this topic should find itself debatable, to do something I think we should apply even to the bigger pictures in our life. In the comments, tell me your favorite way to have either tea or coffee, or tell me that you don’t like either and instead what you’d prefer as an alternative option, and you know what? I wont scoff, I wont judge. No one will. That’s the rule.

In fact, for this exerciser, I will honestly try your favorite tea or coffee beverage, and post an entirely new addition on this post, as a part two (assuming enough people participate, lets say five for coffee and five for tea), in which your suggestions are reviewed without any negativity involved. Either in the comments below, or through the contact page here, provide me with your step by step means to your favorite tea or coffee.


Only tea and coffee, in any form – soy, dairy, almond milk, cream, half and half, 2% milk, nonfat milk, sugar, lemon, types of teas, types of coffees, are acceptable, no alcoholic options. Whats skim milk? I don’t know, but I’ll figure it out.

I must be able to acquire the means to make it. So if there is a specialty item from your country that I can not obtain, lets try to figure out an alternative that you prefer.

I don’t have a fancy coffee press at home, so if your drink requires a bunch of doodads, I’m sorry.

I am willing to try drinks from Starbucks, as its the only coffee shop in my area.

I may not be able to acquire your favorite brand of coffee or tea based on its availability near me, but lets figure something out.

I will only be accepting the first five options for both coffee and tea, so first come, first to serve me a recipe. For a total of ten beverages to try.

I intend to use your first name and handle as a part of the review for your drink, so if you would like to remain anonymous, send me your preferred drink recipe through the contact section at the top of the page, or previously found through a link just before the rules.

If you intend to submit your favorite coffee or tea, please include the title of your drink. If its a Starbucks drink, tell me what its called and everything you ask for when placing your order. If you make your coffee or tea at home, give it a name and then give me all the details on how you make it.

Here’s an example:

My favorite coffee: by alyssa – thepagegypsy

Two teaspoons of sugar, fill the cup almost to the top with coffee, fill to the brim with hazelnut cream. Stir, drink, be happy.

(Then I’ll add a picture of your drink that I have made to try with my review)


Review by thepagegypsy:

As this is an example, it stands to reason that this way of making my coffee is absolutely my favorite! Who knows what new favorites I may find during this exercise in trying new things, but this is what it will look like if you submit your drink of choice and I review it.

So who intends to show me their favorite caffeinated (or non caffeinated) beverages?

UPDATE: There are currently three openings for tea and two for coffee suggestions. The first to comment or send a private message will be the ones chosen to fill those spots!


6 thoughts on “Coffee or tea?

  1. Your Mom introduced me to probably the gayest (not that there’s anything wrong with that) drink Starbucks makes: Soy Chai latte with 3 vanilla pumps. I was embarrassed the first time I ordered it, but it’s so tasty that I don’t mind sacrificing some “Man Points”


    1. That’s one of my favorites, I certainly needed an excuse to grab myself one! First one on the list of tea to try for this exercise. Thanks, Tom!


  2. I enjoy a big cup of extra sweet coffee! I’ve never been a fan of tea, it just doesn’t do it for me. I drink a strong coffee called Bustelo, it is an espresso coffee. It’s honestly the only coffee that can get the job done. If I don’t have any, my life is basically over for the day.


  3. I have always been Coffee over Tea. Although I enjoy both I have been favoring tea lately.
    As for Coffee my go to is Starbucks Espresso Roast (rich and caramelly) i make it one of two ways
    1. Full cup with 5 spoonfulls of plain powder creamer and 2 spoonfulls of sugar.
    2. Almost full cup filling the rest with Hazelnut creamer. No sugar.

    As for Tea, since thats what i have been drinking most of lately.
    This you should try!
    The brand is Bigelow the flavor is Orange & Spice make it strong and top off with Hazelnut creamer. My go to! So delicious.

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