Tablets VS. Real Books

I had always been an advocate for real books, and as much as that sounds as though I no longer am, that’s not entirely so.

I love physically holding a book, seeing it exist, waiting to be read. Books are worth having if only as to keep all of those bookmarks warm and cuddly, but in all reality the value of a book you can hold in your hand, flip the page of, and spill your tea on, is as much apart of the journey in that tale as the story itself.

So why continue on discussing the value of a tablet? Well, because in the face of comparison, I feel I should give way to the voice of reason. The reason I find in this debate of tablets versus books, is that they simply shouldn’t be compared.

Nothing will ever out do the sound of those pages turning, on the way a book fits in your hands. Likewise, nothing can help you amass hundreds of books, countless apps, and even TV shows and movies, the way a tablet can. The thing is, wifi is the life source for the majority of our devices, but if you’ve charged your tablet, and have downloaded what you’ll want to read or watch later before you leave your wifi friendly venue or location, you can still access your material. The Kindle Fire calculates your reading speed to give you an estimation of how long it will take you to finish that specific book. It keeps your place, and allows for note taking within the book itself, or through plenty of the apps available through the devices app store. While its true of any device that there is a wide range of free to higher priced apps, in all honesty I’m able to utilize my Kindle Fire without spending much at all, unless I find a book that causes me to question my better judgement, which isn’t a rare occurrence.


(Here’s something fun to note, while taking the above photo, I was able to listen to Pandora while viewing this book cover at the same time, uninterrupted, on this device!)

A recent choice of mine, as I have been discussing poetry in one of my English classes lately (click here for that blog post), has been The complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe among other reads like, like H.P. Lovecraft, and an interesting collection of short tales in the book Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link, all of which are available on the Kindle Fire.

That being said, why not just take a book with you on the road for those moments when you want to immerse yourself in a world outside of social media and gadgets? Simply enough, because of the options. When I am out for lunch, it isn’t a great time to put on thick socks and get cuddly in an arm chair. No, I am still in my clothes that mean business, and business will soon follow suit, so I need something that is easy to take along and offers me just a bit more than that one book might. Like Adobe Reader, which means that while I’m grabbing a bite, I can begin reading that article for class that I’m having trouble time managing. Or I can check my list of other assignments to accomplish and see what available resources I have in the palm of my hand, on a device whose size, style, and formatting allows for a more comfortable means of playing catch up, and more still.

Listen, I am not here to sway you either way, tablet or real book, I simply believe that as readers, writers, and reviewers alike (did I mention you can add a book review from the Kindle Fire immediately after finishing the book which is posted to your Goodreads account?) we should all be made aware, that there is no one or the other, that both a tablet and a real book serve to supply you with the ultimate experience of the best in both literary platforms.

If you are interested in learning more about the Kindle Fire for you or someone else, click here.

If you are interested in adding a comment to a blog post following this one in the future, about photographing tablets and all the that avoiding glare entails, email me through the contact option here or at the top of this page through the contact/connect page.

And as always, happy reading!






3 thoughts on “Tablets VS. Real Books

  1. For me, there is nothing like holding, feeling, and smelling a book! It is the ultimate reading experience for me, hearing the page flip is like music to my ears. But books are expensive, especially when you read like we do. With that said, the Kindle makes reading more affordable! I’ve found so many free books and book for only $1, on the Kindle. And it definitely helps with storage space, I have no room for all the books I have. Me personally, I’d rather have a book in my hand, but I appreciate being able to download a book in seconds, and saving room and money.

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    1. This is exactly the point I intended to make! The benifit that both real books and a tablets have, in my opinion, means theres no need to choose. ❤


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