Book goods, reps, and retailers

A huge part of any fandom, is merchandise.

In a community of book obsessed people from all over the world, Instagram provides a platform where we can all meet and share our bookish experiences, opinions, eagerness, excitement, and stuff!

Among this stuff, magic can be found.

Bookmarks, candles, scarfs, pillowcases, mugs, stickers, prints, you name it, it isn’t hard to find.

And better still, are “crates”, “loots” or “boxes” that are themed collections of merchandise, which is quite an exciting thing for a reader to come across.

All of these wonderfully bookish themed treats come with possibility. A possibility that should be exciting for most, a prospect that means your favorite merchandise retailers want you to represent their shop. “Rep searches” are a highly beneficial means of bringing traffic to you and your representatives profiles.

When a small online retailer has a handful of Instagram followers promote their shop, the algorithm notices, and in turn each individual involved sees an increase in followers, likes, and in the case of those retailers, sales!

It really can be a beneficial union for both parties when realistic expectations are met. Unfortunately, I have heard quite a few accounts of just how unrealistic, unprofessional, and truly ugly those relationships can become.

In accounts of items being damaged, broken, or altogether undelivered, from the buyer to the representative of these shops, and from the shops themselves. I want to open up a platform, a possibility of sorts, for individuals to help express their concern and shed some light on an entire community of book enthusiasts who, if only here to start, deserve a voice.

If you would like to discuss your experiences as a buyer, representative, or retailer and would like to privately discuss having your opinion or experience included in this article, you may send a message through the contact link at the top of this page.

Happy reading booklings!





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