• Interview with Northern California Sacramento + Modesto Adventure Photographer | Wesley Harden |

    English major, Photographer, and Entrepreneur, Wesley Harden is taking success and making it his own. Growing up in sunny California where the sunsets are stunning, Wesley tells us about his initial inspiration for photography and his reason why he chose … Continue reading

  • A letter to my neglected interests.

    Its 2am, and my muse woke me whispering metaphors of apology that bore remembering… Dear blog, there is no time to think. No time to birth thoughts or concepts to purge onto the page. No time to take correlating pictures … Continue reading

  • California Wildfires: How to HELP

    Here are a few links you can follow in order to help those effected by the Camp Fire and Woolsy Fire of November 2018 American Red Cross The California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund  Habitat for Humanity

  • Coffee VS Tea: Reviews

    Welcome to part two of coffee or tea? in which I have tried your five favorite tea, and five favorite coffee suggestions and aim to review them with nothing but positive feed back. It is my goal, to honestly find … Continue reading

  • The Hazel Wood Review

    This book does something we do as we read all on our own. It’s grants a wish of sorts, a wish anyone in love with their favorite book has surely made.

  • Photographing Books – How To

    Books, the topic we are always discussing. Reading, writing, and reviewing, there is so much being said about the literature in the pictures we share on our social media sites, but what is being said of those photos? What is … Continue reading

  • My top five most anticipated books of 2018

    This has been a year of amazing new releases, and these are MY top five!

  • October TBR

    I have been on the hunt for the top ten best books on or about Witches to read for the month of October! And with only 50 more days left until Halloween I cant think of a better time to … Continue reading

  • Writers Block

    You need to write. You want to write. You sit down to write, and nothing happens. You know its time, either because you have a deadline or a muse whispering in your ear, telling you that there is an urge … Continue reading

  • The Merciless IV Review

    The Merciless IV, by Danielle Vega, succeeds once again at drowning us in an unholy amount of exorcism style torture and gore.


Fotor_149930558581882Words are magic!

And with so many words, making sentences that seduce us into reading gripping paragraphs, chasing chapters until we find ourselves proclaiming “just one more page!” we come to realize within ourselves, that literature is love. And we love literature!

I hope that here you find your literary foothold in the wonderful world that is reading!

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